Recycling Centers North County, San Diego

At The Hauler Junk Removal, recycling isn't just a service - it's a deeply rooted commitment. Growing up in Southern California, we've always been surrounded by nature's beauty and felt a profound connection to the environment. Living near the ocean, we've witnessed first-hand the detrimental impacts of neglect. The sight of polluted waters and littered beaches deepened our dedication to sustainable practices. This personal connection and passion drive us to champion recycling, ensuring we're not just doing business, but also caring for the environment we cherish.

We've outlined all the recycling centers we partner with to dispose of your waste to minimize our environmental footprint...

Quality Recycling

149 Nettleton Rd, Vista, CA 92083


Phone: (760) 724-3623

Electronic Waste Recycling Facility ECC, Inc.

2618 Temple Heights Dr, Oceanside, CA 92056


Phone: (760) 724-3046

Sherwin-Williams Recycle Paint Drop-Off

2070 Hacienda Dr Ste L,Vista, CA 92081-6047


Phone Number: (760) 758-0444

Palomar Transfer Station
5960 El Camino Real Carlsbad, CA 92008
Transfer Station Hours:
Monday - Sunday: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm 

Recycling Center Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Phone: (760) 603-0153

Goodwill Retail Store and Donation Center

Long-standing nonprofit chain with a range of pre-owned clothing, housewares & more.

1056 E Vista Way, Vista, CA 92084

Donation Hours: 

Phone: (760) 630-0600

    Call Today @ 760-331-3289

Same Day or Next Day Service

Frequently Asked Questions About Recycling 

What is Recycling?

Recycling involves transforming waste materials into reusable items or products, aiming to cut back on the use of fresh raw materials, energy consumption, and overall waste production. By recycling, we strive to minimize the environmental effects of extracting resources and managing waste, all while preserving our planet's invaluable natural assets.

Why Donate? 

At The Hauler Junk Removal, we recognize the profound impact of donations. Giving not only fosters positive change and personal fulfillment but also reduces the amount of waste that could go into our landfills.

Why We Recycle

At The Hauler Junk Removal, we prioritize recycling due to its undeniable importance in safeguarding our environment. Neglecting to recycle can lead to resource depletion, increased energy consumption, environmental pollution, economic setbacks, and a misinformed public. By championing recycling, we're actively working to combat these adverse effects and advocate for a sustainable future.